Who wants to go to the beach in October? We do, we do! When Daddy asked us this question, we all jumped for joy! Joe planned a week-end get a way for us that turned out to be one of my favorite trips ever with my sweet family. It was so nice to get away and make precious memories with my family. I am sure I will be blogging about this trip for a while! Thanks Joe, my sweetness for this fabulous surprise!

Beach Bums

We made it to the beach after a long day of traveling. We got there right at sunset. The perfect time for the photographer in the family! The kids had absolutely no interest in posing for the camera even though the lighting was perfect! Brennan was too busy hunting seashells. Caden was too busy jumping in the ocean and Camp was too busy eating handfuls of sand. So we all looked pretty rough, but I still got some pictures that I will always cherish. The dark started creeping upon us so we could not stay too long. We gathered our boys up and tried to shake the sand off of them. We headed towards our hotel for a relaxing night! Camp's first beach experience was unforgettable!

Oh Savannah!

This was my first trip to Savannah and although we did not get to see much, I really enjoyed River Street! We thought it was great! It started to rain on us, but we loved it! It felt like we were in a scene from a movie! Camp loves boats so he really liked the ferry ride. We sang his favorite song, There's a Sea in Galilee! His face showed pure delight!

Let's Go Sailing!

One of the biggest highlights of the trip was the dolphin tour. I adore sailing on the open water and seeing dolphins swim right up to the boat made it even more fun! The boys absolutely loved being on this boat. They have not stopped talking about it. It was actually cheaper than going to the movies. We are definitely going to do this again!


A Perfect Evening for the Perfect Day!

Atter a fun filled day, we headed towards the beach for an evening stroll. The beach really is nice in October. This is my favorite family photo taken on the trip. (We attempted many) We were walking along the big pier. Camp loved running on this boardwalk and I loved it too because he could not shove handfuls of sand in his mouth!

A Birthday Celebration on the BEACH!

Brennan has had the coolest birthdays! Last year we had cupcakes on top of Stone Mountain. We had to top that so we celebrated on the beach this year. Yes, his birthday was weeks ago, but since we did not have an official birthday party this year, we decided to make a special time for him on this trip. I still cannot believe that his six years old! I hope you had a fantastic celebration Brenn Brenn!

Visiting Nana and Papaw in Jesup

One of our main reasons for heading towards Savannah for this trip was because my grandparents were on a GA Outreach trip in Jesup. We were able to spend the day with them on Sunday as we worshipped the Lord together. It was so nice to see them. They work so hard for the Lord. They inspire me daily and I hope that I can be a servant to the kingdom just as they are.

Home Sweet Home!

As much fun as we had on this get-a-way, I can still hear the sweet words spoken by Brennan as we pulled into the drive way: "Home Sweet Home!" He loves his home and I am so thankful. I love our home too and I love my family more than words can describe. Thanks for the amazing trip and for the wonderful memories we made!


Conference Call

We had Brennan's first conference this afternoon. He is loving kindergarten and he is doing so well. We are so proud of our boy! He has received excellent behavior for 2 months and 4 days. Keep it up!!! He looks so old in this picture! Where did my baby Brenn Brenn go? I admit that I cannot wait to have him home next year!

This Crazy Kid!

He is silly every moment - He enjoys life to the fullest - He is my oldest son - He has my heart forever - This crazy Caden keeps our lives interesting and full of wonder each and every day - Now Caden, let's hit the books!

(photo - Samantha and Caden on a hayride)


Happy Birthday sweet niece

Jada bug is 10. That does not seem possible. She is such a joy to have as a niece. I am so excited that she is getting into scrapbooking! She is a girl after my own heart!


At the Patch

We had a blast with some of our closest friends today. Here are some highlight pictures on this scrapbook page to show what fun we we had. Pumpkin patches are my favorite. It is one of my favorite places to take pictures. I couldn't decide on just a small few for my blog so I squeezed many onto this layout. Zoom in if you have to. Now I am off to bed and I am excited about attending worship services in the morning!


I had to scrap this photo right away!

I woke up early this morning just so I could make a layout using this photo. I told you that it left me speechless and I had to create something with it. I hope I did the photo justice with the design choices I made. Now it is time to wake the babies, start school, and get ready to run some errands!


Sometimes a photo just leaves you speechless and there are no words to describe it. This is one of those photos. There are so many times when the wonder of this child leaves me SPEECHLESS!


I want to be a better blogger!

My sweet sister got a blog, I am so excited. I will love reading about the details of her life! I have been wanting her to get one for a while. Now she has one and I have pretty much put mine on hold for a while. I am ready to dust off this little blog and keep it current. check out Haley's blog at http://notyourordinaryhomeschooler.blogspot.com/

So what's new in the Mallory Household?
Brennan turned six and is loving kindergarten. I can't wait to have him home next year as we have chosen to homeschool for the remainder of his education. He said, "mommy, I love to learn no matter where my class is." He is such a sweet child. He has never gotten in trouble at school. He has gotten on blue (the best color) every single day.
Caden is having a great year as a 2nd grade homeschooler. Things are gelling a lot more than they did last year. We both had a learning year. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to teach him the values and the biblical principles that he needs in life.
Everyone except Camp went to camp Inagehi this past week-end. Joe was the director and he did an amazing job. He is so good with the kids and I truly admire his dedication towards them. I have the best hubby in the world! He has a heart of gold. He is the most giving person. His priority in life is serving the Lord. That makes a great life for us all. I love the fact that our boys get this great example day in and day out.
Caden and Brennan loved being at camp on the Fall retreat. They jumped right in and participated in everything ( who says homeschoolers are unsocialized?)
Campbell stayed with his Mawmaw and Pata. They say he was a joy and I am so glad he had such a great time. I sure missed that little booger!
Life just gets better and better for the Mallorys. "Thank you dear Lord for you ever lasting love and for the shower of blessings you have given our family".


Dusting off Project 365

I am determined to get caught up on my project. Here is last week's layout.




SPCC challenge # 6 - SNUGGLE

Here is the layout I made for challenge # 6. These are some every day photos of my boys. (My favorite kind). I didn't have the color swatch available when I was making this page so I just went from memory. It may not even be close, but that's okay. I had fun putting this together and that's what counts, right? Now time to clean the house. Laundry - what fun! (I'd rather be scrapping!)